HoneyWoods has signed up to Energy Revolution, a  festival charity that invests in clean energy to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future for everyone. As a community of hundreds of festivals and over two million festivalgoers we can create change on a huge scale.

Energy Revolution targets carbon emissions from audience travel – which make up around 70% of a festival’s carbon footprint. By crowdsourcing donations, together we can turn millions of miles of travel into clean energy. 100% of donations will be invested in specially selected renewable energy projects, for a brighter, better, more beautiful future.

Participating festivals are tackling their energy by using renewables where possible, reducing energy consumption, and investing directly into Energy Revolution projects. Energy Revolution is currently partnered with The Converging World who operate wind turbines in the Tamil Nadu area of India replacing non-renewable ‘dirty’ energy from the national grid with clean, renewable wind energy.

Join thousands and take part in a future we all want to see – let’s keep the party going forever!
To find out more visit www.energy-revolution.org.uk.